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The Sum of My Days – An Internship Experience

About a year ago, I gave up life as I knew it: void of zeal and ardour. Along with it,…

2 months ago


Rosdila Ngah Roslan ialah fellow orang asli MCCHR dari 1 Mac hingga 31 Ogos 2020. Saya sudah bekerja dengan MCCHR…

4 months ago

Ulasan saya mengenai isu tanah bagi masyarakat orang asli

Rosdila Ngah Roslan ialah fellow orang asli MCCHR dari 1 Mac hingga 31 Ogos 2020. Ringkasan Laporan Inkuiri Nasional Mengenai…

6 months ago


Rosdila Ngah Roslan ialah fellow orang asli MCCHR dari 1 Mac hingga 31 Ogos 2020. Apa itu buli? Ia didefinisikan…

6 months ago


If you are interested and have the capacity and experience of carrying out a programme evaluation, please send your CV,…

1 year ago

MyMP Survey: Accessibility and Engagement between the Rakyat and Members of Parliament (MPs)

The MyMP project is a website that provides an introduction to Members of Parliament (MPs) in Malaysia. It aims to…

2 years ago

Defining Online Harassment

...an extension to offline harassment?

5 years ago

MCCHR Resource Centre News

Ghost of Kamunting Past The Internal Security Act (ISA), which had often been abused to silent dissenting voices against the…

6 years ago

Dear Paprika: It Is My Fault; I Did Nothing But Complain

Pepper Lim recounts to Paprika some of the things we could be doing instead of just complaining.

6 years ago

Idola-Demokrasi: Orang Asli and the Urban Youth

Cassandra narrates her experiences going through her first Idola workshop

7 years ago

Malaysia’s open government conundrum

In 1996, MAMPU (or Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit) embarked on an ambitious e-government project in their effort…

7 years ago

End of project meeting – Memperkasakan Pemuda Orang Asli

UndiMSia! - Memperkasakan Pemuda Orang Asli

7 years ago

Gerrymandering and Malapportionment

How the concept of 1 Man, 1 Vote & 1 Value is destroyed?

7 years ago

Gerrymandering and I

Yu Li shares how she became an activist — and why you should become one too.

7 years ago

Dear Paprika: Get Your Fair Share Of Cake

Pepper Lim explains gerrymandering to his daughter using an example a five-year old and politicians could understand.

7 years ago

Kajang by-election: Proof Lord Bobo is one tough lord

Aida wraps up her #LordBoboForKajang series.

7 years ago

Happy Gerrymandering Awareness Week!

Raising awareness about gerrymandering.

7 years ago

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Change

1. Educate yourself It is never enough to read Wikipedia entries and news articles on the web. To be an…

7 years ago

#SekolahAktivisme Visits Universiti Malaya!

A report on an anti-gerrymandering gameshop.

7 years ago