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Death Penalty in Malaysia: The Prerogative of the Gavel

As of 15 August 2020, 1,324 prisoners are on death row in Malaysia.[1] One of them is Arokiasamy Alphonso, who…

3 months ago

Malaysia’s Death Penalty and the Justice System: The Arokiasamy Murder Case

The Arokiasamy Murder Case is the first death penalty case the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) decided…

6 months ago

The SIS Fatwa Case: Part Three

Dating back to 2014, the Selangor Fatwa Committee had issued an edict (fatwa) declaring Sisters In Islam (SIS) as ‘deviant…

1 year ago

The SIS Fatwa Case: Part Two

PusatRakyatLB intern Camille Ancelot gives an update on the recent development of the SIS Fatwa Case hearing at Kuala Lumpur…

2 years ago

The SIS Fatwa Case: Part One

PusatRakyatLB intern Allyna Ng gets technical with the Court of Appeal judgment on leave hearings.

2 years ago

The Fahmi Zainol Case: Part Two

PusatRakyatLB resident intern Allyna gives an analytical update sans written judgment. 

2 years ago

The Fahmi Zainol Case: Part One

PusatRakyatLB interns Max Kong and Sarah Kapadia gives a lowdown on the High Court judgment of this judicial review.

3 years ago

Case of Syed Omar bin Syed Agil v Institut Profesional Baitulmal Sdn Bhd

“To see a wrong and not to expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.” – Dr.…

4 years ago

The effect of the judgment in PP v Azmi Sharom

Cassandra Chung's in depth analysis.

5 years ago

The Curious Case of Our Home Minister

Forever intern Cassandra Chung writes about the Bagon Datok case, one of PusatRakyat's strategic litigation cases. The Facts On 16…

6 years ago

YBK v TSKI Defamation Suit Grounds of Judgment

Here's how a judge evaluates a defamation case in court.

6 years ago

Kalimah Allah Federal Court Judgment

The grounds of appeal of the Federal Court We had previously uploaded the Grounds of Judgment of the Court of…

7 years ago

Kalimah Allah Court Of Appeal Judgment

The grounds of judgment of the Court of Appeal

7 years ago

Seksualiti Merdeka Judicial Review (Part 2)

Part 2 of Ricky Sim and MCCHR's discussion on the Seksualiti Merdeka case

7 years ago

Allah, Liberty & Love In BM Unbanned

Broad grounds for judgment unbanning the book.

7 years ago

Seksualiti Merdeka Judicial Review (Part 1): “Do Ask, Do Tell” Us The Definition of ‘Deviationist Activity’

Ricky Sim and MCCHR discuss the Malaysian High Court ruling in the Seksualiti Merdeka case.

7 years ago

Altantuya Murder: Court of Appeal Judgment

Read the full judgment here.

8 years ago

The Stink of Injustice

Roger Tan calls for justice for the most infamous land rob in recent history.

8 years ago

Home Minister Wrong Again: Malaysiakini Press Permit

Publishing a newspaper is a right, not a privilege.

8 years ago

Re Alias & Khalid: Civil Courts To Defer To Shariah Council’s Rulings

Yet another attempt by the Executive through Parliament to oust the civil courts' powers.

8 years ago