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4 Videos That Will Make You Rethink Freedom of Religion in Malaysia

Where can you visit a church, a Buddhist temple, a mosque, a Gurdwara and a Hindu temple within walking distance of each other? In Malaysia, you can. Malaysia is known for being one of the most diverse countries in Asia. It is home to people of different races and cultural backgrounds, and Malaysians are free to practice their religions. This is clearly stated under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution.

Besides the freedom to practice different faiths, what else do you know? Here are four videos that will make you rethink about religious freedom in Malaysia:

  1. Vanilla or chocolate? All, still ice creams.

There are different races, cultures, religions…. even within the same religion, different cultures and beliefs are being practised. No matter which religious group we are in, we should have the choice to practice freely.


  1. If you love it, shout it.

Practising and professing one’s religion does not equal to propagating it to another. Whether sharing about your faith on social media or going to religious activities, it should not be seen as propagating. It is important to know the difference.


  1. The kid can choose.

All of us are entitled to make our own religious choice, and that includes children too. Parents’ religious practice would influence their children. However, the children’s right to religious freedom must always be respected.


  1. Beware when leaving.

When someone leaves home for traveling, you wish them safe journey. However, the same does not happen when someone leaves his or her faith. Regardless of one’s faith, no one deserves violence and victimisation based on one’s belief.

Religious choices are not easy to make, but as individuals we have our rights and freedom to decide, and that is the beauty of a free and democratic society. So if you meet someone who is confused of their freedom of religion, share this article with them!

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